CARS Auto recycles old materialsAt C.A.R.S. Automotive we are committed to making as small an impact on our environment as possible.

We recycle and reduce excess waste whenever possible. We partner with our vendors and to recycle all used oil, oil filters, batteries, antifreeze, tires, and more.

All used batteries are picked up by our battery vendors and then recycled completely – every single part of the battery is broken down for recycling.

Used tires are also picked up and recycled – often recycled tire rubber is used in numerous applications including sport fields,play grounds, rubberized asphalt for paving and a wide variety of molded products. Some “green” buildings, both private and public, have been made from old tires.

Used antifreeze is collected , picked up to be distilled to recover the glycol for reuse.

Used oil is collected to be recycled. As in the case of recycling other materials, waste oil recycling has a number of environmental benefits as well as re-refining used oil takes only about one-third the energy of refining crude oil to lubricant quality

Our used oil filters are collected and sent to be crushed to extract the residual oil, which can be refined again as lubricants. The steel casings are sent to foundries to be reborn as recycled steel

Even scrap metal stays out of the landfill, we recycle or reuse scrap metal.