Maintenance is cheaper than doing break down repairs they arise.

Auto mechanic on dutyIf you ignore your maintenance on your vehicle , then you will have problems, in some cases very serious or dangerous problems. So make an investment in maintenance and repair and you vehicle and it will give you many years of solid dependable service.

I hope to find a balance between what your vehicle wants and what you want to do for your vehicle

Today’s new vehicles are considerably more dependable than ever before. For example, spark plugs used to be a 10,000‐mile item; now with the new laser platinum technology they are a 60,000‐mile item. Today’s cars are more efficient‐ and cleaner than before. Perhaps this trend toward indestructible cars gives today’s motorists a false sense of security. Some people seem to feel as though their vehicle is maintenance free. If so, it’s a dangerous way to think. The best way to destruct an indestructible car is by ignoring the simple things, such as oil changes and other necessary maintenance.

These are some tips and recommendations that motorists should follow:

  • Read and understand the service part of your owner’s manual.
  • Always keep to a repetitive schedule. Better yet, find a full service shop that will remind you when those services are due.
  • Build a relationship with a full service auto repair shop
  • Take the time to build a rapport with the service advisor. The better you know each other, the more you build a trust relationship with each other.
  • If you get your oil changed at a “quick in and out” oil change shop, don’t expect the attention to detail your vehicle would get at a quality full service repair shop.
  • Don’t limit your visit to only the services that the “Quickie” shops don’t do. A relationship is built both ways. You have the right to expect “Red Carpet” treatment from your repair shop when you trust them with all of your business.
  • Don’t hesitate to question the Service Advisor. What, Why, When and How much?
  • Know what’s supposed to take place ‐ question any procedures.
  • Listen for rattles, squeaks, and let your technician know about it in as much detail as possible.
  • Do your best to document intermittent problems. That helps speed up diagnosing time and saves you money.
  • Remember that the people who work on cars are highly skilled and highly trained automotive technicians ‐ not “mechanics”.
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    Skip regular maintenance and this could happen to you.

    Today’s auto technician uses sophisticated diagnostic equipment, trains constantly to keep up with the ever‐ changing advancements in automotive technologies. He works on his feet all day in a hazardous environment ‐ and must be versatile enough to do everything from complex repair to changing a tire.

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